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Vintage original 8 x 10 in. US double-weight matte photograph of silent film actress HELEN BRAY c.1916.

Taken during her association with the Triangle Film Company's "Keystone Comedies" brand (headed by Mack Sennett), she is depicted in a dramatic pose that was taken by the acclaimed Hollywood photographer, Albert Witzel. It is in fine condition.


*"Helen Bray (November 25, 1889 – October 15, 1990) was a Missouri-born American actress who appeared in several silent films during the early 20th century and was known for Big Timber (1917), Little Miss Optimist (1917) and Bob's Love Affairs (1915). She was married to George C. Pearce Bray and is the great-grandmother of actress Michelle Pierce, who appears in the TV show NCIS. Helen Bray died on October 15, 1990 in Redwood City, California."
*(source: Wikipedia)



HELEN BRAY (c.1915) 8x10 Double-Weight Photograph 02A By Albert Witzel

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