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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US color photographic lobby display from the 1920s silent film comedy/drama, IT MUST BE LOVE, released in 1926 by First National Pictures and directed by Alfred E. Green.
Printed on a single-weight 11 x 14 in. photographic stock, it features a color-tinted image of a room in an apartment at the rear of a delicatessen in which Colleen Moore cuddles up to her father (Jean Hersholt) while her mother (Bodil Rosing) awaits the reconciliation. We have four cards from this film and three are what we are referring to as scene cards (this is one of the three) while the fourth is similar to a title card (which is the only card that lists the film's title). Each card has a different tagline and we believe these were issued in sets of 4 cards only vs. the traditional 8-card sets. It is unrestored in near-fine condition.

*"The May 13, 1926 Motion Picture News reported that Colleen Moore was set to begin filming Delicatessen at First National Picture's Burbank, CA, studios the first week of May 1926. The working title of It Must Be Love was Delicatessen, after the story of the same name from which this film based on, and was Moore’s third film of 1926. In a very brief (9 feet) 2-strip Technicolor moment, Colleen Moore sees the potential of her father's failing delicatessen store through the rose-colored glasses of her boyfriend, who is buying the place."
*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



IT MUST BE LOVE (1926) 11x14 Color Photographic Lobby Display 02

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