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Vintage original 3.5 x 5.25 in. German Ross-Verlag postcard depicting the Austrian-born German silent film actress, LILLI FLOHR.


The attractive dark-haired actress is depicted in a medium publicity shot with her back to the camera as she looks to her side. It was signed in black ink by Lilli Flohr in, we believe, 1926. Printed by the renowned Ross-Verlag company of Berlin, it is unused in very fine condition.
*"Lilli Flohr was born in 1903 in Wien, Austria. She was an actress and writer, known for Ein Lied von Haß und Liebe (1918), Die kleine Midinette (1921), and Schande (1922). She grew up in an artistic environment because her father, a versatile gifted artist, was also busy as an actor, singer, musician, and painter. She already her first appearance at the Raimund Theater in Vienna at the age of eight and later became a busy stage actress. She soon experienced the drawback of the theater, where an actress had to play the same role several hundred times, which created a kind of monotony.


Then she became aware of the film industry, where an actress could impersonate different roles within a year. When sound arrived, she retired from the film business. Although back on stage, she was not able to work much longer. Of Jewish descent, she left Germany for Austria following the Nazi takeover of power in 1933. Following the Anchluss in 1938, she emigrated to Shanghai, where she was able to continue her stage career at the side of other German-speaking emigrants. She died on July 7, 1978 in New South Wales, Australia."
*(source: Wikipedia)


Ross-Verlag in Berlin was a German publishing house specialized in photographs and photo postcards of artists. The owner of the company was Heinrich Ross (b. 10 August 1870; d. after 1954 as emigrant in the USA).



LILLI FLOHR (1926) Signed German Postcard 01

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