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Vintage original 8 x 10 in. US double-weight matte photograph from the 1920's silent film western comedy, PRAIRIE TRAILS, released in 1920 by the Fox Film Corporation and directed by George Marshall.
The image depicts a close shot of Tex Benton (Tom Mix), a cowboy from Texas, as he holds hands with Janet McWhorter (Kathleen O'Connor) as they sit close to each other on a backyard hammock. Mix is dressed to the nines, which includes a black bow tie. The image quality is especially sharp, as you can clearly see the make-up on Mix's face. It is in very fine condition.
*"This film was a sequel to The Texan, also released in 1920.


A cowboy from Texas, Tex Benton, is in love with Janet McWhorter, the daughter of a sheep rancher. Mr. McWhorter is willing to let Tex marry Janet if he lives on the ranch and tends sheep, which Tex finds objectionable. After a fight in the town saloon, he rides off, rescuing Alice Endicott from the back of a runaway horse as he is being pursued by the town badman, Jack Purdy. There is a series of complications, including Purdy's kidnapping of Janet and the general belief Tex has kidnapped Alice. Finally, however, in a daring feat, Tex swings from a tree on a mountainside and saves Janet. They soon marry."

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feaature Films)



PRAIRIE TRAILS (1920) US 8x10 Double-Weight Photograph 02

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