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Vintage original 9.25 x 12.25 in. US sheet music from the 1920's interracial relationship-themed silent film drama/romance, RAMONA, released in 1928 by United Artists and direted by Edwin Carewe.


Based upon the novel by Helen Hunt Jackson, the song is entitled Ramona (a Waltz Song with ukulele and banjo uke), with lyric by L. Wofe Gilbert and music by Mabel Wayne. The front cover features a close shot of Dolores Del Rio as "Ramona" and the interior features 3 pages of music. It is in fine+ condition.


*"The song "Ramona," whilst not featuring in the film itself, was specially written by Mabel Wayne (music) and L. Wolfe Gilbert (lyrics) for Dolores del Rio to sing during promotional appearances for the film and is thought to be the first instance of a song being “inspired” by a film. Ramona's director, Edwin Carewe, was a member of the Chickasaw tribe. He and his two brothers, Wallace Fox and Finis Fox, all appeared on the 1907 Chickasaw rolls of the Five Civilized Tribes."
*(source: IMDb)


*"Ramona is a 1928 American silent drama film directed by Edwin Carewe, based on Helen Hunt Jackson's 1884 novel Ramona, and starring Dolores del Río and Warner Baxter. This was the first United Artists film with a synchronized score and sound effect, but no dialogue, and so was not a talking picture. The novel had been previously filmed by D. W. Griffith in 1910 with Mary Pickford, remade in 1916 with Adda Gleason, and again in 1936 with Loretta Young."
*(source: Wikipedia)


*"After refusing to marry her adopted brother, a half Native-American Mexican woman flees to marry a Native man."
*(source: IMDb)



RAMONA (1928) US Sheet Music 01

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