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Vintage original 59 x 86 in. German stone lithograph two-panel poster from the German-produced teens anti-war drama, WENN VOLKER STREITEN (When People Argue), released in Germany in 1915 by Apollo Filming directed by Cesare Lupo.


The design features artwork depicting friends Henri Toussaint from France and Frederik Faber from Germany as they find themselves on opposite sides of a rising conflict. This "country of origin" poster features artwork by R. Wolfth. It is a stone lithograph, which features very fine details and rich, bold colors. Printed in two panels, it is unrestored and folded as originally issued in very fine condition.


*"Henri Toussaint from France and Frederik Faber from Germany are good friends. Henri is also in love with Frederik”s sister, Lize. When the war breaks out, Henri joins the French army, while Frederik volunteers for the German army."


*"Wenn Völker streiten was one of the first anti-war films of the early cinema, together with Maudite soit la guerre (1915) by Alfred Machin. The director, Cäsar Lupow, was an Italian actually called Cesare Lupo, who found work under his new name in the German film industry. Wenn Völker streiten was already filmed in the first months of World War I and, as such, is regarded as an especially evocative pacifistic pamphlet. Despite a certain amount of bias towards the behavior of the German troops, the film staunchly advocated its pacifist ideals and showed audiences the horrors of war in original tinted colors.


The film was praised in its own time for its sophisticated chromatic spectrum obtained via tinting, for its unsentimental directing style, and its graphic quality: the impressive scenes brought home to the audiences the horrors of the war."



WENN VOLKER STREITEN {WHEN PEOPLE ARGUE} (1915) German Poster Art By R. Wolfth

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