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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the lost teens WWI-themed silent film comedy, ALIAS, MIKE MORAN, released in 1919 by Paramount Pictures and directed by James Cruze. 
The design features two scenes featuring Wallace Reid both in and out of uniform. The tagline reads, "Larry breaks into society." It is unrestored in fine+ condition.
Written by Frederick Orin Bartlett and Will M. Ritchey, the film stars Wallace Reid, Ann Little, Emory Johnson, Charles Ogle, Edythe Chapman, and William Elmer and was released March 2, 1919. 


*"Although Larry Young sells ribbons at a department store, he dresses flashily, hoping to snag a rich girl in marriage. After he falls in love with Elaine Debaux, who Larry thinks is the daughter of a millionaire shipbuilder, Larry's name is drawn in the draft. When Mike Moran, an ex-convict, rescues Larry and Elaine from gangsters, Larry takes the injured Moran home. They agree to switch identities, because Moran is upset that the army will not accept him. Larry moves away and works as Moran in a shipyard; while Moran, as Larry, dies gloriously in battle. Upon hearing that Larry died, Elaine goes to France as a Red Cross nurse. Larry decides to join the Canadian forces and fight to glorify Moran's name. He awakens in a hospital after a battle which cost him his right arm, to find Elaine, who confesses that she was only the companion to the shipbuilder's daughter. Larry confesses his ruse and they marry. The War Office overlooks Larry's draft evasion."



ALIAS, MIKE MORAN (1919) US Lobby Card 01

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