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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the silent film drama, ANY WIFE, released in 1922 by the Fox Film Corporation and directed by Herbert Brenon. 


The image depicts Mrs. John Hill (Pearl White) in her kitchen while caught in the middle of a scuffle between her cook and maid. It is unrestored in very fine condition.


*"Any Wife is a lost 1922 American silent melodrama film directed by Herbert Brenon and starring Pearl White. It was produced and distributed by Fox Film Corporation.

*(source: Wikipedia)


*"The 12 Nov 1921 editions of Motion Picture News and Moving Picture World announced that the film was being shot at Fox Picture Corporation’s New York City studio under the title Discontent. However, the late Sep 1921 release of a Playgoers Pictures film called Discontented Wives (1921) may have prompted a title change to Any Wife. Several reviewers and theater managers mentioned the timeworn nature of the film’s “it-was-only-a-dream” ending, as well as the sudden comic tone of the last scene in what had been a dire melodrama. “[P]icture surprised everyone growing from a tense dramatic situation to the ridiculous,” a St. Cloud, FL, manager told the 2 Sep 1922 Exhibitors Herald. The reviewer in the 8 Apr 1922 Exhibitors Trade Review felt the “bit of comedy which winds up the story helps to redeem its disagreeable flavor to some extent.” The release date was set for 1 Jan 1923, according to the 3 Dec 1922 Moving Picture World."



ANY WIFE (1922) US Lobby Card 01

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