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Vintage original 3.5 x 5.25 in. US postcard depicting silent film actor ARTHUR V. JOHNSON.


Issued in the mid-teens during his association with the Lubin Manufacturing Company, it is unused in fine+ condition.


*"Arthur Vaughan Johnson (February 2, 1876 – January 17, 1916) was a pioneer actor and director of the early American silent film era. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the son of Rev. Myron A. Johnson, Arthur Vaughan Johnson left college at 19 to join a traveling Shakespearean troupe. He later appeared on stage with Sol Smith Russell, Robert B. Mantelland Marie Wainwright.


Johnson began as a film actor in 1905 with the Edison Studios in The Bronx, New York, appearing in the one-reel drama, The White Caps, directed by Wallace McCutcheon, Sr., and Edwin S. Porter. In 1908, he went to work for the Biograph Company, where he acted in films directed by D.W. Griffith, including Resurrection (1909) and In Old California (1910), the first movie Griffith ever shot in Hollywood. At Biograph, Arthur Johnson performed with stars such as Mary Pickford and Florence Lawrence. Johnson was reputed to be Griffith's favorite actor.


In 1911, he accepted an offer from Lubin Studios in Philadelphia that allowed him to direct as well as act. With Lottie Briscoe, his frequent co-star at Lubin, Johnson directed and starred in The Belovéd Adventurer (1914), a 15-episode serial by Emmett Campbell Hall. After performing in more than three hundred silent film shorts and directing twenty-six, health problems ended his career in 1915."

*(source: Wikipedia).



ARTHUR V. JOHNSON (1915) US Postcard

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