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Brand-new unread hardcover edition of BEFORE, IN AND AFTER HOLLYWOOD, the autobiography of Joseph E. Henabery as editd by Anthony Slide. 


In 1914, a young midwesterner quit his railroad job to crack the Hollywood motion picture boom. Impressed by his energy and honesty in his role as Lincoln, D.W. Griffith made him his assistant for Intolerance. Griffith then made Joe a director. He swiftly progressed to a preeminent position in the industry, directing some of the biggest Hollywood stars of the 1920's including Douglas Fairbanks, Fatty Arbuckle, and Rudolph Valentino.

Versatility played an important role in Joe's rich creative life inside the studios. His understanding of the mechanics of motion-picture film led him to develop and be granted a patent for teaching speech to the deaf by visualizing sound. He pioneered sound short-subjects for the Vitaphone Studios in Brooklyn and later directed WWII training films for the Army Signal Corps in Astoria.

Henabery contributed, not only as a director, but also as a researcher, writer, make-up artist/actor, architect, scenic designer, and special-effects innovator. His autobiography, Before, In and After Hollywood was completed in 1975 shortly before his death. Contains 24 black and white photographs.


This copy is in very fine condition.



BEFORE, IN AND AFTER HOLLYWOOD (1997) Hardcover By Joseph E. Henabery

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