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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. U.S. title lobby card from the silent film jewel robbery-themed melodrama, BEWARE OF BLONDES, released in 1928 by Columbia Pictures and directed by George B. Seitz.


The image features a medium shot of Hazel Howell and Matt Moore at the left appearing to be looking at the film's leading lady, Dorothy Revier, with suspicion. An element of suspense is created by having their shadows cast on the yellow background behind them. The image is complimented by a bright yellow background and a thin patterned horizontal border at the top. It is unrestored in fine- condition.


*"Beware of Blondes is a 1928 American Silent drama film directed by George B. Seitz. With no copies listed in any film archives, Beware of Blondes is now lost with a trailer surviving in the Library of Congress collection."
*(soure: Wikipedia)


*"Jeffrey Black (Matt Moore), a clerk in a jewelry store, prevents a robbery there and, as a reward, is given a vacation in Honolulu, provided that he transport a valuable emerald to the Islands. On the boat, he meets Mary (Dorothy Revier), a blonde, and having been warned against a thief called Blonde Mary, he regards her every action with suspicion while simultaneously falling in love with her. Mary, who is in reality a detective, sees that the emerald arrives safely at its destination and brings the real Blonde Mary and a thief named Harry (Roy D’Arcy) to justice."

*(source: IMDb)



BEWARE OF BLONDES (1928) US Title Lobby Card

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