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Vintage original 5 x 7 in. double-weight color-tinted "fan photo" of motion picture actress BILLIE DOVE.


This example is color-tinted featuring beautiful pastel colors and features a facsimile of her signature. It is in fine+ condition as shown.


"Fan photos" were mailed by the studios to the fans upon request, usually for the price of $0.25.


*"Dove was born Bertha Eugenie Bohny in New York City in 1903 to Charles and Bertha (née Kagl) Bohny, both immigrants from Switzerland. She had a younger brother, Charles Reinhardt Bohny (1906-1963). As a teen, she worked as a model to help support her family and was hired as a teenager by Florenz Ziegfeld to appear in his Ziegfeld Follies Revue. She legally changed her name to Lillian Bohny in the early 1920s and moved to Hollywood, where she began appearing in silent films. She soon became one of the more popular actresses of the 1920s, appearing in Douglas Fairbanks' smash hit two-strip Technicolor film, The Black Pirate (1926), as Rodeo West in The Painted Angel (1929), and The American Beauty (1927).


She married Irvin Willat, the director of her seventh film, in 1923. The two divorced in 1929. Dove had a legion of male fans, and one of her more persistent was Howard Hughes. She had a three-year romance with Hughes and was engaged to marry him, but she ended the relationship. Hughes cast her as a comedian in his film, Cock of the Air (1932). She also appeared in his movie, The Age for Love (1931). Dove was also a pilot, poet, and painter."

*(source: Wikipedia)



BILLIE DOVE (c.1920s) 5x7 Color-Tinted Fan Photo 01

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