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Vintage original 22 x 28 in. US half-sheet poster from the lost Parisian gambling casino-themed silent film melodrama, THE BLACK PANTHER'S CUB, released in 1921 by Equity Pictures Corporation and directed by Emile Chautard.


The design that is highlighted by a large color-tinted portrait of the film's star, Florence Reed, in the center, which is flanked on either side by a total of four additional images of her rendered in artwork, as she portrayed multiple roles in this silent film. It is unrestored and unfolded as originally issued in fine+ condition.


*"The Black Panther's Cub is a lost silent film, as no prints are known to exist. It stars stage actress Florence Reed and was the final film in her motion picture career. It was produced by William K. Ziegfeld, theatrical impresario Florenz Ziegfeld's younger brother. One reviewer found the film to be good but complained of a scene where Reed's character was attacked and her bodice was entirely ripped off, saying, what was the use of showing this rather than implying it when the film censors would just cut it?


Based upon the poem, "Faustine," by Algernon Charles Swinburne, the daughter (Florence Reed), subsequently known as "The Black Panther," of the former queen of a Paris gambling house impersonates her mother and reopens the establishment when she finds herself in dire need of funds."

*(source: Wikipedia)



BLACK PANTHER'S CUB (1921) US Half-Sheet Poster

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