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Vintage original 27 x 41 in. US rotogravure one-sheet poster from the silent film comedy, BUNTY PULLS THE STRINGS, released in 1921 by the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation and directed by Reginald Barker.


This is the film's rare rotogravure one-sheet poster, which features a collage of photographic images from the film. The design and composition are striking and the main characters are featured on this beautiful Scottish-themed poster, which has a wonderful vintage feel to it. It features the classic elements of Scotland including an image of a man playing the bagpipes and a Scottish plaid border. It has been professionally linen-backed and is in near-fine condition with minor restoration to correct various imperfections within the borders and on the fold lines.


*"Bunny Biggar (Leatrice Joy), sister of Rab (Cullen Landis) and Jeremy (Casson Ferguson) and daughter of Tammas (Russell Simpson), a stern church elder in a small Scotch village, subtly controls all three through diplomatic tactics. Jeemy confesses to having robbed a bank and begs his father to replace the money, which he does with money left with him for safekeeping by Susie Simpson (Josephine Crowell), a spinster interested in Tammas. Susie, who overhears a telephone conversation between Tammas and Eelen (Edythe Chapman), a friend from Tammas' past, hears about the misuse of her money and demands it back; when it is not returned, she disgraces him in church. Bunty intercedes and returns the money by borrowing an equal sum from Weelum, whom she later marries in a double wedding--the other couple: Tammas and Eelen."

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)


The cast includes Leatrice Joy, Russell Simpson, Raymond Hatton, Cullen Landis, Casson Ferguson, Josephine Crowell, Edythe Chapman, Roland Rushton, Georgia Woodthorpe, Sadie Gordon, Otto Hoffman.



BUNTY PULLS THE STRINGS (1921) US Rotogravure One-Sheet Poster

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