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Vintage original 5.5 x 8.25 in. US 4-page herald from the British WWI-themed silent film war drama, CALLED TO THE FRONT; OR, EUROPE AT WAR, released in the US in 1914 by Apex Film Co. and directed by Charles Weston. The cast includes Arthur Finn and Roland Moore.
The front cover depicts a battleship firing its guns. The interior 2-page photographic spread features 5 scenes from the film and the back cover features a detailed plot synopsis. It is in fine- condition.

*"The story opens with love scenes between Jim Warrington, a young Secret Service man, and his sweetheart, Ruth Denham. To facilitate communication Warrington has a wireless installed at his home, by which he is able to communicate in private code with Ruth. A declaration of war with Germany gives the Secret Service man opportunities for distinguishing himself. He is sent to the Russian Embassy at St. Petersburg with a dispatch, which after an exciting time he delivers safely, and is entrusted with a reply to deliver to the authorities at home. A German spy learns that Warrington is returning with the dispatch, and he is waylaid, and made a prisoner on a German dreadnought. He is searched, but having hidden the important paper in his boot it is not discovered. On board ship Warrington learns that the German fleet is about to invade the British coast, and he determines to find a way to warn the home authorities. He manages to reach the wireless room, overcome the operator, and dispatch a code message to his sweetheart. Ruth at once warns the authorities, and preparations for Britain's defense are hurriedly completed. Warrington destroys the wireless apparatus and then jumps into the sea through a porthole and makes his escape despite the efforts of the gunners who open fire upon him. He reaches land on a lonely part of the coast, and falls down exhausted. Recovering he creeps toward a spot where big gun firing is going on, and witnesses a fierce battle between the British troops and the German invaders. The struggle is fierce and long, but at length the British troops, assisted by a naval brigade, who arrive by armored train, drive the invaders from British territory. Once more Warrington falls into the hands of the enemy, and is placed in prison, after some remarkable adventures. The prison is bombarded by British guns and falls in ruins. From the debris Warrington crawls to freedom once more, and securing a revolver from the body of a dead soldier, intercepts two of the enemy tapping the telegraph wires. He shoots them at sight, and with their field instrument manages to send a message through to headquarters giving news of the enemy's designs and his location near the firing line. Ruth determines to go on her motorcycle to the rescue of her lover. After an exciting time she reaches Warrington, and together they return to London where Warrington delivers his precious dispatches to the authorities, and is warmly congratulated upon his bravery. He reports the total failure of the invasion, and we leave the lovers to their well-earned peace after their marvelous experiences with the prospect of a happy wedding when all danger is over."
*(source: IMDb)




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