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Vintage original 11 x 16 in. US pressbook from the 1920s silent film comedy, DOMESTIC TROUBLES, released in 1928 by Warner Bros. and directed by Ray Enright.


This example is incomplete, as it is missing pages 5/6 out of 8 pages with the various movie posters pictured on the back page. It is in very good- condition with one horizontal fold, a hole punch in the lower left corner that affects every page, and signs of wear along the edges.


*"Domestic Troubles is a lost 1928 American comedy film directed by Ray Enright and starring Clyde Cook, Louise Fazenda and Betty Blythe. It was produced and released by Warner Brothers with a Vitaphone musical track."

*(source: Wikipedia)


*Var reviewed the film as Domestic Trouble.


Twin brothers James and Horace Bullard have opposite personalities: James, a gay dandy, marries a clubwoman; Horace, straitlaced, introverted, and prudish, draws a butterfly for a wife. While Carrie is away, Horace takes a joyride with an old sweetheart, is arrested for speeding, and sent to jail. At James's request, Horace impersonates his brother when Carrie returns. They meet Grace, Horace's wife, at a cabaret, and having admired her high-stepping brother-in-law, Grace accepts his invitation to come home with them. Flirting with "James," Grace discovers a small birthmark on his neck--the same as her husband's. James appears in the midst of Horace's dilemma, and Carrie never learns of the escapade."
*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



DOMESTIC TROUBLES (1928) US Pressbook 01

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