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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the lavishly-mounted 1920's silent film historical drama/romance, DOROTHY VERNON OF HADDON HALL, released in 1924 by United Artists in 1924 and directed by Marshall Neilan.


The image features an interior medium shot of handsome Sir John Manners (Allan Forrest) during a meeting with Dorothy Vernon (Mary Pickford). The border artwork along the right border features an image of actress Clare Eames as queen Elizabeth in the center which is complimented by a different family crest above and below her image (each lobby card featured a different character in the right border). Printed with a glossy finish, it is unrestored in near-fine condition.


*"Mary Pickford worked previously with director Ernst Lubitsch on the movie Rosita (1923). They were originally to make this picture together as well, but Lubitsch turned the directing assignment down. Pickford admitting wanting to work with someone else as well. Pickford wanted to move away from being the 'girl with the curls' and this was the first of her films in this direction and she desperately wanted for this film to be a success.


She used a big budget and introduced several special effects. She assigned Marshall Neilan as the director. They had positive memories of working together on previous films, including Stella Maris (1918) and Daddy-Long-Legs (1919). However, they reportedly fought a lot while working on this film. Neilan showed up on set drunk every day, and their longtime friendship eventually was destroyed.

The movie was filmed at the real Haddon Hall. It was the first movie to be shot there, the estate having just been restored four years earlier."

*(source: Wikipedia)


*"In the year 1550, Sir George Vernon agrees to have his young daughter Dorothy betrothed to John Manners, the son of the Earl of Rutland. Sir George signs a contract, promising that the marriage will take place on Dorothy's 18th birthday, or else he will have to pay a large penalty to Rutland. But when the two children have grown older, rumors of John's wild behavior in France provoke Sir George to call off the engagement, and to pledge his daughter instead to her cousin Malcolm. Rutland now claims the forfeit from Sir George, and meanwhile, John has befriended Mary Stuart, the sworn enemy of Elizabeth, who is now Queen of England."

*(source: IMDb)




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