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Vintage original 47 x 63 in. French grande poster from the 1920s silent film drama/romance, DRUMS OF LOVE, released in 1928 by United Artists and directed by D.W. Griffith.


Printed for the film's original theatrical release in France, this poster is a stone lithograph, which features bold, rich colors and very fine details. The artwork depicts the wedding of Princess Emanuella (Mary Philbin) to her bethrothed, the deformed Duke Cathos de Alvia (Lionel Barrymore), but she is in love with his younger brother, Count Leonardo de Alvia (Don Alvarado), who watches solemly from behind them. It is unrestored and folded as originally issued in fine- condition.


*"The film was a modernized adaption of a Francesca da Rimini opera.[clarification needed] The settings were changed from 14th century Italy to 19th century South America. The film was directed by D. W. Griffith, whose career was in decline. He imposed a happy ending, but this idea was rejected.The female lead went to Mary Philbin, who was on a loan from another studio, (Universal). Cinematographer Karl Struss was especially impressed with the actress and tested her two weeks for different wigs. Philbin later called working with Griffith like a 'dream come true'.


The film was received as one of D. W. Griffith's weakest. Critics agreed that Griffith did not know how to handle the film's theme and story the way Tod Browning could have. Both the critics and the audience agreed that the poor reception was mainly due to the ending.


After finding out her father and his estate is in danger, Princess Emanuella saves his life by marrying Duke Cathos de Alvia, a grotesque hunchback. She actually is in love with Leonardo, his attractive younger brother. They already had an affair before the marriage, but continue secretly meeting each other. In the end, Cathos finds out about his wife's unfaithfulness and stabs both his wife and brother to death."

*(source: Wikipedia)



DRUMS OF LOVE (1928) French Grande Poster

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