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Vintage original 11 x 17 in. Belgian poster from the US teens silent film drama, FIGHTING ODDS, released in 1917 in the US by Goldwyn Distriburting Corporation and directed by Allan Dwan, in which a woman determines to clear her imprisoned husband of false charges by entrapping the real culprit herself.


Referred to as a "cabinet poster" by the famous "HACKIN Cinematographie, Bruxelles, Belgium" during the period 1910 - 1920, this poster is a stone lithograph, which produces bold, rich colors and very fine details. The artwork depicts Maxine Elliott seated on a divan in a pensive mood as a man in a tuxedo tries to comfort her. Printed on a light cardstock, this example is unrestored in very fine condition and is the only one which we have seen. The cast includes William T. Carleton, Henry Clive, Charles Dalton, and Eric Hudson.


We believe that "Hackin" was an early film distributor or a theater chain in Brusssels and they printed these beautiful smaller-format posters for display.



FIGHTING ODDS (1917) Belgian Hackin Poster

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