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Vintage original 27.5 x 41 in. US stone lithograph one-sheet poster from the teens WWI-themed silent film drama, FROM TWO TO SIX, released in 1918 by the Triangle Distributing Corp. and directed by Albert Parker.


Printed for the film's original US theatrical release on February 17, 1918 while the war was still raging in Europe, the design features artwork depicting the film's heroine, Alice Stevens (Winifred Allen), finding comfort in the arms of her father, John (Forrest Robinson), as they face the horrors of war together. This one-sheet, which was printed by the Otis Lithograph Co. of Cleveland, is a stone lithograph, which produces rich, vibrant colors and very fine details. It has been professionally linen-backed in fine+ condition with only light restoration on various portions of the foldlines and to replace small areas of paper loss in the borders, primarily in the right border.


The cast includes Winifred Allen, Earle Foxe, Forrest Robinson, Robert Fischer, Margaret Greene, Clarence Handyside, Charles Wells, Madeline Marshall, Amy Somers, and Riley Hatch.


*"During World War I, John Stevens invents an anti-submarine device, but the plans are stolen by two German spies, the Baron von Wiederholtz and Madame Elsa, who flee to a New York hotel. Stevens' daughter Alice pursues the spies hoping to retrieve the plans. Also lodging at the hotel are Howard Skeele and Margaret Worth, childhood friends whose parents are forcing them to marry with threats of disinheritance. In attempting to escape, Howard finds himself in the baron's suite just in time to spy the German in the act of hiding the plans. Howard directs Alice to the plans, and then, because he must be wed before six o'clock that evening or lose his inheritance, he proposes to her. They marry with Margaret's blessing, the spies are arrested, and Alice returns home with the plans and a husband."
*(source: IMDb)



FROM TWO TO SIX (1918) US One-Sheet Poster

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