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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the 1920's train robbers-themed western drama, HELL'S HOLE (AKA THE AVALANCHE), released in 1923 by the Fox Film Corporation and directed by Emmett J. Flynn.
The image depicts an interior scene inside of a cabin of Dorothy Owen (Ruth Clifford) as Tod Musgrave (Buck Jones) is in the process of untying his friend, Dell Hawkins (Maurice "Lefty" Flynn), to free him from the chair he is bound to. All three characters suddenly pause to look-up at the ceiling, as, presumably, they hear the beginnings of an avalanche nearby. Affixed over the credits box in the lower left corner is a paper snipe that reads William Fox - Presents - "The Avalanche." If you hold a bright light to the back of the card, you can see the original credits box, which reads William Fox - Presents - A 1924 Cine-Drama - HELL'S HOLE. It is unrestored in fine+ condition.


All 7 scene cards have the film's released title of Hell's Hole printed on them in the credits box, but each has a paper snipe pasted on top of the credits that says, "William Fox - Presents - The Avalanche." The AFI Catalog, IMdB, other film-related websites, as well as then-contemporary trade reviews all refer to this film's title as Hell's Hole. Therefore, it seems odd that the original-release lobby cards printed with the released title would have these paper snipes with this alternate title pasted onto them, and the title lobby card offered here was printed with The Avalanche as the title. What is also unusual is that one of two of the scene cards features the three main characters inside of a rustic cabin as they all pause to look up at the ceiling as if in response to hearing the sound of an avalanche roaring down towards them. The second card depicts the same interior cabin in a shambles as if it was hit by the avalanche with the same characters inside of it as they're surrounded by large fallen beams and rubble; however, none of the plot synopses we found makes any reference to an avalanche as part of the story.

*"Hell's Hole is a 1923 American silent Western film directed by Emmett J. Flynn and written by Bernard McConville. The film stars Buck Jones, Maurice Bennett Flynn, Ruth Clifford, Eugene Pallette, George Siegmann, and Kathleen Key. The film was released on September 23, 1923, by Fox Film Corporation. With no prints of Hell's Hole located in any film archives, it is a lost film."
*(source: Wikipedia)

*"The working title of this film was Payday. A railway conductor throws cowboys Tod Musgrave and Dell Hawkins off the train because they are without tickets. Settling down in a station, Tod dreams: Dell robs the train and escapes, planting some of the money on him. After an episode of adventure and romance in which Tod is sent to prison, escapes, and finally tracks down the culprit, Tod awakens to find that Dell is still his jolly companion."
*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)




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