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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the 1920's WWI-themed drama, IF WINTER COMES, released in 1923 by the Fox Film Corporation and directed by Harry F. Millarde.


Based upon the novel by A.S.M. Hutchinson, the image features a dramatic scene as Mark Sabre (Percy Marmont) listens to his wife, Mabel (Margaret Fielding), who wants her hired companion, Effie Bright (Gladys Leslie), to leave their employ since she had a child out of wedlock as the young woman clutches her child close to her in response. It is unrestored in fine- condition.


*"Mark Sabre hires young Effie Bright to keep his snobbish, cold-hearted wife, Mabel, company while he goes off to war. When he returns home from the front wounded, he finds that Mabel has fired Effie, who shows-up at Mark's door with her baby, having no place to go. Mark takes her in, but Mabel leaves him when the town shuns him for what they believe is going on between Mark and Effie. Matters are further complicated when Effie, driven to desperation, commits an unspeakable act that results in Mark having a nervous breakdown--and then things get worse."

*(source: IMDb)



IF WINTER COMES (1923) US Lobby Card 05

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