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Vintage original 59.25 x 85 in. (150.495 x 215.9 cm.) French double grande poster from the mid-teens French silent film comedy short, LES MILLIONS DE LA BONNE (The Maid's Millions), released in France in on December 12, 1913 by Gaumont and directed by Louis Feuillade.


This "country-of-origin" poster is a stone lithograph, which features rich, vibrant colors and very fine details. Unrestored and folded as originally issued, it displays signs of use, including light edge and fold wear, small fold separations, minor creases, and minute tears as well as slight toning and staining on the edges and in the folds.


In this early French short comedy, societal roles are reversed when a family discovers that their humble housemaid may be none other than the daughter of the American millionaire Machafeller (a play on words of Rockefeller) and take on her duties to ingratiate themselves with the presumed heiress. The cast includes Madeleine Guitty, Paul Manson, Georges Melchior, and Delphine Renot.


*"Louis Feuillade (19 February 1873 – 25 February 1925) was a French filmmaker of the silent era. Between 1906 and 1924, he directed over 630 films. He is primarily known for the crime serials Fantômas, Les Vampires and Judex made between 1913 and 1916. The Fantômas serial in 1913 was his first masterpiece, the result of a long apprenticeship—during which the series with realistic ambitions, Life as it is, played a major role. It is also the first masterpiece in what the modern critic, from both a literary and a cinematographic point of view, would later call "the fantastic realism" or the "social fantastic". He is credited with developing many of the thriller techniques used by Fritz Lang, Alfred Hitchcock, and others.


Alice Ida Antoinette Guy-Blaché (née Guy; 1 July 1873 – 24 March 1968) was a French pioneer filmmaker. She was one of the first filmmakers to make a narrative fiction film, as well as the first woman to direct a film. From 1896 to 1906, she was probably the only female filmmaker in the world. She experimented with Gaumont's Chronophone sync-sound system, and with color-tinting, interracial casting, and special effects.


She was artistic director and a co-founder of Solax Studios in Flushing, New York. In 1912, Solax invested $100,000 for a new studio in Fort Lee, New Jersey, the center of American filmmaking prior to the establishment of Hollywood. That year, she made the film A Fool and His Money, probably the first to have an all-African-American cast. The film is now preserved at the National Center for Film and Video Preservation at the American Film Institute for its historical and aesthetic significance."

*(source: Wikipedia)



LES MILLIONS DE LA BONNE {Maid's Millions} (1913) French Double Grande Poster

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