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Vintage original 11 x 17.25 in. Belgian poster from the US teens silent film adventure drama, LIEUTENANT DANNY, U.S.A., released in 1916 in the US by the Triangle Distriburting Corporation and directed by Walter Edwards.


Referred to as a "cabinet poster" by the famous "HACKIN Cinematographie, Bruxelles, Belgium" during the period 1910 - 1920, this poster is a stone lithograph, which produces bold, rich colors and very fine details. The artwork depicts co-stars William Desmond (as West Point Lt. Danny Ward) holding hands with Ysobel Ventura (Enid Markey) with a look of hope on their faces.  Printed on a light cardstock, this example is unrestored in very fine- condition and is the only one which we have seen. The cast includes William T. Carleton, Henry Clive, Charles Dalton, and Eric Hudson.


We believe that "Hackin" was an early film distributor or a theater chain in Brusssels and they printed these beautiful smaller-format posters for display.


*"Lieutenant Danny Ward, just out of West Point and ready for action when he is sent to the United States Mexico border. He falls in love with Ysobel Ventura, and then rescues her from Pedro Lopez and his gang. Looking for revenge, the bandits come after Danny, and when they catch him, they put him in front of a firing squad. After the apparent execution, the bandits start terrorizing Ysobel, but then Danny saves her once again, because the bullet that should have killed him lodged instead in a St. Christopher medal that Ysobel had given him. After routing the bandits, who believe that they are fighting a dead man, Danny brings Ysobel to his regiment's fort and marries her."
*(source: IMDb)



LIEUTENANT DANNY, U.S.A. (1916) Belgian Hackin Poster

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