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Vintage original 3.25 x 4 in. US "coming attraction" glass slide from lost the 1920's WWI-themed silent film comedy, LOST AT THE FRONT, released in 1927 by First National Pictures and directed by Del Lord.


Produced by Photo Repro Co., Inc., the design features a portrait of co-stars George Sidney and Charlie Murray as WWI doughboys with explosions all around them. It features an outer cardboard frame and is in very fine- condition.


Lost at the Front is a lost silent film, as no prints are known to exist.


*"Principal photography began on Dec. 27, 1926 at First National Studios in Burbank, CA, as reported in that day’s Los Angeles Times. The Jan. 27, 1927 [Rutland, VT] Daily Herald noted that the production marked director Del Lord’s first feature-length picture and his first time working with an actual screenplay. His prior experience had been primarily in short comedies, which were said to be concocted from “the momentary inspiration of the director and his gag men.” Additional cast members included Max Martin, Arthur Morrison, and six unidentified former officers of the Imperial Russian Army. During the course of production, the Feb. 6, 1927 [Pittsburgh, PA] Press reported that that lead actress Natalie Kingston had been chosen as a “Baby Star” by the Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers (WAMPAS).

According to the Jan. 21, 1927 Motion Picture News, Lord was tentatively planning a location shoot in an unspecified part of Northern California and the Jan. 30, 1927 [Oakland, CA] Tribune noted that the director began shooting nighttime battle sequences four days earlier and expected to complete them within the next three days.


Patrick Muldoon, an Irish policeman, and August Krause, a German barkeeper, are the best of friends, although both are rivals for sculptress Olga Pietroff. When August is called to the front as a German reservist, he brings along a wireless device that he believes will aid his native country. Patrick and Olga decide they must confiscate the invention as it is a threat to U.S. forces. After being rejected by the American military, Patrick enlists in the Russian Army. He and August meet on the Russo-German front, where Patrick takes his friend prisoner. They proceed to evade both armies and disguise themselves as women, landing them in Russia's all-female Battalion of Death. While they attempt an escape, news of the Armistice arrives. Upon returning home, Patrick and August discover that Olga has married in their absence."
*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



LOST AT THE FRONT (1927) US Glass Slide 01

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