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Vintage original 12 x 18 in. US pressbook from the silent film drama, MAN, WOMAN AND WIFE, released in 1929 by Universal Pictures and directed by Edward Laemmle. 
Consisting of 4 pages with illustrations throughout, is in good condition with one horizontal and vertical fold.


*"Man, Woman and Wife is a 1929 American drama film directed by Edward Laemmle and starring Norman Kerry, Pauline Starke and Marian Nixon. It was based on a short story called Fallen Angels, and the film was also sometimes known by this title. It was originally made as a silent film, before a soundtrack and sound effects were added to it."

*(source: Wikipedia)


*"The working title of the film was Fallen Angels. Most contemporary reviews listed the title as Man, Woman, and Wife. Some sources provided alternate names for characters played by the actors listed above, except Byron Douglas. 


Helen Brandon, an unhappily married woman, marries former suitor Jack Mason when her husband, Ralph, is killed in action. The report of Ralph's death is false; he returns to the States, a deserter, under an assumed name and becomes a derelict. Rita, a former sweetheart, rescues him, and he is nearly rehabilitated when he kills Rita's ex-boyfriend, gangster Ward Rogers, to preserve his wife's reputation. Ralph tries to escape prison, aided by Rita, but he is killed when he deliberately walks into machine gun fire to protect Helen from possible future blackmail attempts."

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



MAN, WOMAN AND WIFE (1929) US Pressbook 01

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