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Vintage original 9.25 x 12.25 in. US pressbook from the 1920s silent film drama/romance, OVER THE BORDER, released in 1922 by Paramount Pictures and directed by Penryhn Stanlaws.


Co-starring Betty Compson and Tom Moore, this pressbook consists of 12 pages with illustrations throughout. It is in fair+ condition with paper loss and the front and back covers have separated.


*"Over The Border is a lost American drama film released by Paramount Pictures in 1922. It stars Betty Compson and Tom Moore in a story about "love and thrills beneath the northern lights". It was adapted from Sir Gilbert Parker's "She of the Triple Chevron."

*(source: Wikipedia)


*"Jen Galbraith is in love with Sgt. Tom Flaherty of the Royal Mounted. She is the daughter of Peter Galbraith, who is engaged in smuggling moonshine whiskey across the Canadian border. When she tries to warn her father and brother of the approaching police, she is arrested with the entire gang. Released on bail, her brother Val in an altercation shoots Snow Devil, a police spy; and trying to cross the border, he is caught in a blizzard. Flaherty is sent to intercept him but is drugged by the girl's father; Jen, however, braves the storm and delivers his dispatch. Flaherty later arrests Val on the murder charge, but the dying confession of his friend, Pierre, clears Val; and the lovers are happily united."

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



OVER THE BORDER (1922) US Pressbook 01

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