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Vintage original 6.5 x 8.5 in. US single-weight matte photograph from the teens silent film comedy, PEGGY, released in 1916 by Triangle Distributing Corporation and directed by Charles Giblyn and Thomas H. Ince.


The image depicts Peggy Cameron (Billie Burke, in her motion picture debut) as she sneaks around to the other side of her uncle and guardian, Andrew Cameron (William H. Thonpson). It is in fine+ condition.


*"Peggy (also known as The Devil's Pepper Pot) is a 1916 American silent comedy film produced and directed by Thomas Ince and stars Billie Burke in her motion picture debut.


Triangle Film Corporation produced Peggy. Victor L. Schertzinger composed the film's score. In conjunction with the film's release, sheet music of a song, Peggy, was published, the first time a song based on a silent film's incidental music had been written and published.[2] The cover of the sheet music shows Schertzinger as the composer and Ince as the lyricist.

A Wright Model B airplane was used as a wind machine. The airplane was tethered to the ground while it's engine and propellers were run."
*(source: Wikipedia)


*"Peggy Cameron, a New York high-society favorite, must suddenly move to the moors when her uncle and guardian, Andrew Cameron, insists that she come live with him in Scotland. Despite the gloomy surroundings, Peggy does her best to maintain her New York lifestyle; her fast driving and men's clothing dismay straitlaced Andrew and the other villagers. Then Peggy shows her serious side when she comes to the aid of an unmarried expectant mother who has been made a social outcast. From this, Peggy wins the villagers' grudging respect. Finally, the Reverend Donald Bruce, who has fallen in love with her, persuades her to stay in Scotland and marry him after Andrew, ironically, has agreed to let her return to the United States."

*(source: IMDb,  by Larry Smith.



PEGGY (1916) US 6.5 x 8.5 Photograph 01

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