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Vintage original 8 x 10 in. US single-weight glossy photograph from the 1920s silent film drama, PERCH OF THE DEVIL, released in 1927 by Universal Pictures and directed by King Baggot.


The image depicts co-star Pat O'Malley (as Gregory Compton) in a publicity shot that was taken by Universal's acclaimed photographer, Jack Freulich. It is in fine+ condition with a studio stamp on the verso.


*"Perch of the Devil is a 1927 American silent drama film directed by King Baggot and starring Mae Busch, Pat O'Malley, and Jane Winton. It is based on the 1914 novel of the same title by Gertrude Atherton."
*(source: Wikipedia)


*"The scenario was adapted from the 1914 novel Perch of the Devil by Gertrude Franklin Atherton. An article in the 12 Sep 1925 Motion Picture News reported that the story had been licensed by Universal Pictures Corp. as a vehicle for stage and vaudeville star Louise Dresser, to be released during the 1926-1927 season. Universal’s East Coast scenario editor, Winifred Eaton Reeve, and West Coast general manager, Raymond L. Schrock, were credited with acquiring the property. The 17 Oct 1925 Exhibitors Trade Review noted that writer Mary O’Hara had been assigned to the project by scenario editor Edward J. Montagne, who was said to be very impressed by her adaptation of The Home Maker (1925).


Production was scheduled to begin during the last week of Oct 1925 at Universal Studios in Universal City, CA, according to the 21 Oct 1925 Var. Louise Dresser was to receive a salary of $1,000 per week. Two months later, however, the 21 Dec 1925 Film Daily reported that O’Hara, Montagne, and director King Baggot were making revisions to the scenario. That same week, the 25 Dec 1925 Exhibitors Herald revealed that production had slowed at the studio due to “several changes in executive heads.” On 3 Jan 1926, Film Daily announced Mae Busch as Louise Dresser’s replacement.


Principal photography began soon after and was completed by mid-Feb 1926, as noted in the 23 Jan 1926 Exhibitors Heraldand the 21 Feb 1926 Film Daily. The 13 Feb 1926 Exhibitors Herald stated that a release was scheduled for Oct 1926. An item in the 23 Feb 1926 Film Daily listed the film among nine that were currently being edited at Universal. The 17 Apr 1926 Exhibitors Herald attributed the picture’s subtitles to Walter Anthony. Although the Oct 1927 MPN Booking Guide claimed that the film was released on 6 Mar 1927, a San Francisco, CA, opening at the California Theatre was announced nearly six months earlier in the 25 Sep 1926 edition of the San Francisco Examiner. Other openings followed on 14 Oct 1926 at Proctors Theatre in Yonkers, NY, and on 17 Oct 1926 at the Bushwick Theatre in Brooklyn, NY.


The National Film Preservation Board (NFPB) included this film on its list of Lost U.S. Silent Feature Films as of October 2020."

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



PERCH OF THE DEVIL (1927) US 8x10 Photograph 01 By Jack Freulich

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