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Vintage original 8 x 10 in. US keybook photograph from the 1920's silent film comedy/drama, ROSITA, released in 1924 by United Artists and directed by Ernst Lubitsch. 

The image features a street singer from Saville, Rosita (Mary Pickford), as she lampoons The King to the laughter of the crowd (while, unbeknownst to her, he is hiding within the crowd and is amused by her boldness). This photograph was taken by the noted Hollywood photographer and Pickford-Fairbanks Studio staff photographer K.O. Rahmn, and is printed with a wide outer border. It has been linen-backed and is in fine+ condition.


*"Rosita is a 1923 American silent historical comedy drama film directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring Mary Pickford. The film is based upon an 1872 opera Don César de Bazan of Adolphe d'Ennery and Philippe Dumanoir.


Before this movie, Mary Pickford mostly appeared in features portraying children. Pickford appealed to a fan magazine for new film ideas, and the magazine's contributors wrote back that they wanted to see her play more child roles, such as Cinderella. Pickford thanked them and promptly set out to make a film with an adult role.


In 1922, her studio United Artists was not making any profits despite releasing successful films such as Broken Blossoms, Little Lord Fauntleroy (1921) and Robin Hood (1922). Pickford was desperate to release a film that could perform well and free her of her image as an ingenue. Realizing Hollywood was making profits with costume movies such as When Knighthood Was in Flower, she decided to make a film based on the 1902 novel "Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall". She chose Ernst Lubitsch as her director and brought him from Germany in October 1922 to meet with her.


Lubitsch decided he could not make Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall. Pickford was annoyed because she had paid $250,000 on its preparations (and eventually filmed the story later). They looked for another story to make a movie, ultimately choosing Faust. However, the project was dropped when Pickford's mother, Charlotte Hennessy, overheard Lubitsch discussing the baby killing scene and immediately nixed the idea. Lubitsch and Pickford eventually decided to film the opera Don César de Bazan, retitling it as Rosita. Lubitsch hesitated about making it, but Pickford convinced him to work on the project


Pickford wanted Ramón Novarro to co-star opposite her as Don Diego. Rex Ingram, Navarro's mentor, protested this offer by reminding Novarro that Pickford once stated that Novarro's "face and body do not match." Novarro followed Ingram's advice and rejected the role. Lubitsch later said working with Pickford was a delight. Pickford also enjoyed working with Lubitsch, and at first contracted him to make three more movies with her.


Upon its release, the film was met with success, earning over $1 million."

*(source: Wikipedia)



ROSITA (1923) US 8x10 Keybook Photograph 01 By K.O. Rahmn

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