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Vintage original 28 x 41 in. US one-sheet poster from the classic teens WWI-themed silent film war drama, SHELL FORTY-THREE (AKA Shell 43), produced by the New York Motion Picture Corporation, released in 1916 by the Triangle Distributing Corp., and directed by Reginald Barker.


The image features a beautiful and touching image of British spy William Berner (H.B. Warner) as he tenderly comforts a frightened young German woman, Adrienne von Altman (Enid Markey), by holding her in his arms. The tagline reads: "The struggle between the "Man" and the Steel-thinking machine." This one-sheet is a stone lithograph, which produces very fine details and rich, beautiful colors. It has been professionally linen-backed in very fine- condition with only light restoration to portions of the folds lines and within the borders.


The cast includes H.B. Warner, Enid Markey, John Gilbert, George Fisher, Margaret Thompson, Louise Brownell, J.P. Lockney, and Charles K. French.


*"Allegedly sent to Germany as an American war correspondent, William Berner, who quickly wins the confidence of the German military brass, is really a British spy. Then he learns that as part of the new Allied strategy, the house where he is staying must be bombed. Choosing to ignore the fact that the Germans are his enemies, William saves the lives of the three German women who are in the house with him, but before the British high command can question his loyalty, he gives up his life for England after he fights his way into Pit Forty-Three, a German stronghold, and then wires the British to bomb it, leaving himself no time to get away."
*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



SHELL FORTY-THREE (1918) US One-Sheet Poster

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