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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US title lobby card from the lost silent film crime drama, STOOL PIGEON, released in 1928 by Columbia Pictures and directed by Renaud Hoffman.


The image features a circular vignette depicting Jimmy Wells (Charles Delaney) and his girlfriend, Goldie (Olive Borden) along with a dramatic scene depicting Jimmy being roughed-up by three thugs including actors Ernie Adams and Al Hill It is unrestored in fine+ condition.


*"This is not the same film that began 14 May 1928 under the title The Stool Pigeon and was released under the title The Price of Fear. 


Jimmy Wells, the apple of his mother's eye, joins a criminal gang in order to provide his mother with gifts and a better life. He falls in love with Goldie, the gun moll of Butch, the gang leader, and arouses Butch's enmity. The police are tipped off about a factory robbery, and Butch believes that Jimmy squealed on the gang; Butch orders Jimmy shot, but a cigarette case stops the bullet, saving his life. Goldie then turns stool pigeon in revenge, and Detective Shields sets a trap for the gang. Butch is killed, and Shields allows Jimmy to go west with his mother for a fresh start."
*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



STOOL PIGEON (1928) US Title Lobby Card

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