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Hardcover First Edition printing of THE BIRTH OF A NATION STORY by Roy E. Aitken "as told to" Al P. Nelson. Published in 1965 by Denlinger, this hardback book measures approximately 8.5 x 11.5 inches and consists of 96 pages with at least one photograph on every page. The frontispiece features an illustration of a huge Civil War battle being filmed by two cameramen with a director yelling through a megaphone. This First Edition did not initially come with a dust jacket and this example is in very fine+ condition.


Roy E. Aitken and his brother, Harry, were the financiers of The Birth of a Nation and the founders of the Triangle Film Corporation and the Majestic and Reliance studios. Roy's first-hand account is a fascinating look at the making of this historic and controversial silent film as well the motion picture industry at the time this film was made.



THE BIRTH OF A NATION STORY (1965) US Hardcover Edition By Roy E. Aitken

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