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Vintage original 9.25 x 12.25 in. US sheet music from the 1920's drama/romance, THE BLUE DANUBE, released in 1928 by Pathé Exchange and directed by Paul Sloane.


Copyright 1927 by Villa Moret, Inc. (San Francisco), the song is entitled Sailin' On, with words and music by Byron Gay. The front cover depicts a photographic image of lovers Leatrice Joy and Nils Asther with artwork designed by W.R. Cameron of a castle and a large house nearby. The interior of the front cover features partial music and lyrics for the song, Sailin' On (Piano Tune Uke. in D), with words and music by Gus Kahn, Nathanson Borgel, and Anton Dvorak. Moonlight on the Danube then follows in 3 pages of music. It is in very good condition with some separation along the bottom of the spine and pencil writing across all of pages 4 and 5 (the letters of musical notes).


*"The Blue Danube is a 1928 American silent romantic drama film starring Leatrice Joy. This picture was produced by Cecil B. DeMille and directed by Paul Sloane with a distribution through Pathé Exchange. A print of The Blue Danube is preserved at the Library of Congress."
*(source: Wikipedia)


*"Produced by Cecil B. DeMille with a distribution through Pathé Exchange, The Blue Danube was announced in the June 1, 1927 Exhibitors Daily Review as an upcoming Pathé Exchange, Inc. release inspired by Johann Strauss II’s waltz of the same name. Victor Varconi was initially set to co-star with Leatrice Joy and Rod La Rocque was later cast as the leading man, as noted in the Sept. 8, 1927 Los Angeles Times, which also named Alan Hale and Robert Edeson as cast members. However, La Rocque did not remain with the picture, as the Oct. 18, 1927 Los Angeles Times announced that, after a long search, director Paul Sloane had chosen Nils Asther to play opposite Joy (Asther was loaned to the production by United Artists, with whom he was under contract).

Principal photography began on the De Mille Pictures Corp. studio lot in Culver City, CA, around late September or early October 1927, and was completed by mid-December 1927, as noted in the Dec. 17, 1927 Moving Picture World. Theatrical release was initially slated for Dec. 12, 1927, according to various contemporary items, including the July 29, 1927 Motion Picture News. Due to delays in production, the release was initially pushed back to Feb. 20, 1927, and finally to March 11, 1928."
*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)




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