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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the 1920s silent film drama, GALLOPING FISH, released in 1924 by First National Pictures and directed by Del Andrews.


The image depicts wealthy Hyla Wetherill (Lucille Ricksen) as she stops her party by telling her guests: "Lock the doors. Someone has stolen Freddie Seal." It is unrestored in near-fine condition as shown with a vertial crease down the center.


*"The Galloping Fish is a 1924 American silent comedy film directed by Del Andrews and starring Louise Fazenda, Syd Chaplin, Ford Sterling, Chester Conklin, Lucille Ricksen, and John Steppling. It is based on the 1917 novel "Friend Wif"e by Frank R. Adams. The film was released by First National Pictures on March 10, 1924. The film was later re-released by Selected Pictures in 1930 with talking sequences.


Prints of the film survives at the Filmoteka Narodowa in Warszawa, Poland and Cineteca Italiana in Milan, Italy.


As described in a film magazine review,[5] Freddie, a trained seal, is smuggled out of a theatre using an ambulance by George Fitzgerald, the fiancé of his owner, Undine, a vaudeville performer, to escape seizure for debt. Freddy Wetherill, George's friend, assists. The latter is notified that his rich uncle is dying and wants Wetherill's wife Hyla to nurse him. But the husband and wife have quarreled, so Undine substitutes for the wife and is accompanied by George, as Wetherill's valet. A flood engulfs the uncle's house. The occupants seek the roof, where escaping animals from a circus also find refuge. They are all finally rescued by the seal, who conveys them ashore with the aid of a telegraph pole."

*(source: Wikipedia)



THE GALLOPING FISH (1924) US Lobby Card 01

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