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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the 1920s WWI-themed action/drama romance, THE LEGION OF THE CONDEMNED, released in 1928 by Paramount Pictures and directed by William A. Wellman.


The image depicts pilot Gale Price (Gary Cooper) in a tender moment with Christine Charteris (Fay Wray). This example had significant expert restoration with the borders airbrushed and in-painting throughout the image area. The work was very well done and this lobby card presents very well in person.


*"The Legion of the Condemned (aka Legion of the Condemned) is a 1928 American silent film directed by William A. Wellman and produced by Jesse L. Lasky, Wellman, and Adolph Zukor and distributed by Paramount Pictures. Written by former World War I flight instructor John Monk Saunders and Jean de Limur, with intertitles by George Marion, Jr., the film stars Fay Wray and Gary Cooper.


Fresh from their successful collaboration on Wings (1927), Saunders and Wellman embarked on a similar story, suggested by Wellman. Myron Selznick, who acted as both a talent agent and his promotor, advised Wellman to pursue Paramount Pictures and ensure his future as a director with this film. Wellman utilized footage from the earlier "mountain" of unused film footage of aerial scenes in Wings, but new sequences were also shot at the Griffith Park Airport.


 Production began on October 27, 1927 with principal photography completed a month later. A small "air force" was assembled, using some of the same aircraft that had appeared in Wings including three DH.4s, two Fokker D.VIIs, a Thomas-Morse MB-3 and SPAD S.VII. While in production, studio management had second thoughts about recycling so much of the earlier footage, and had Wellman remove some of the scenes from Wings.


Notable as the first film to star Gary Cooper, who had a secondary role in Wings, The Legion of the Condemned received mixed reviews from critics."

*(source: Wikipedia)




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