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Vintage original 3.25 x 4 in. US "coming slide" glass slide from the 1920's South Pacific silent film melodrama, THE MAN UNCONQUERABLE, released in 1922 by Paramount Pictures and directed by Joseph Henabery.


The image features a close shot of Jack Holt as "Robert Kendall." It is in fine condition.


*"The Man Unconquerable is a 1922 American silent drama film directed by Joseph Henabery and written by Julien Josephson and Hamilton Smith. The film stars Jack Holt, Sylvia Breamer, Clarence Burton, Anne Schaefer, Jean De Briac, and Edwin Stevens. The film was released on July 2, 1922, by Paramount Pictures.


From a period newspaper: "Famous Plea Fruitless. "Don't give up the ship." This time this was not the appeal of the famous Perry, but Clarence Burton's instructions, and he found them difficult to carry out, especially when the ship gave him up-by sinking. Burton, together with a gang of men who took the parts of pearl divers, was in command of a pearling tug in the new Paramount picture, "The Man Unconquerable." As usual, Burton was the villain. Jack Holt, the star of the picture, in an armed launch gave him battle. Presently the tug commenced to sink, faster than they had intended. "Stick to it!" yelled Joseph Henabery, the director, hurrying to get the close-ups. But before he could arrive on the scene the tug had gone under.


The only close-ups he secured were of Burton and his pearl divers splashing about on the surface trying to remove their clothes so that they could remain afloat. One of the deck hands on the photographer's boat stood by with a boat hook to pull them out when they showed signs of going down for the third time. In order to get a good "shot" of the sinking boat it was necessary to drag it by chains to shallow water at high tide and repair it at low tide. For four days a crew of laborers worked at the job; then they sat disgustedly on the beach while they watched the tug towed out to sea again and resunk -this time, properly and with due regard to the fans.


Beach scenes were shot along Balboa Beach in California.
*(source: Wikipedia)


*"A conservative young man inherits his uncle's pearl-fishery concession in the South Pacific. Upon his arrival there, he becomes involved with a woman and a mystery."

*(source: IMDb)



THE MAN UNCONQUERABLE (1922) US Glass Slide 01

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