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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the 1920s silent film romance, THE MASKED DANCER, releaesd in 1924 by Principal Pictures Corporation and directed by Burton L. King.


The image depcits a playful between Betty Powell (Helene Chadwick) and a male reveler (Arthur Housman) as she rebuffs him: Your flowers--yes. But you---no! (which is reminiscenet of The Lubitsch Touch as a door seperates the two players). The pastel color-tinting is especially atractive. It is unrestored in fine+ condition.


*"The Masked Dancer is a 1924 American silent romance film directed by Burton L. King and starring Lowell Sherman and Helene Chadwick. The film is based upon the play Die Frau mit der Maske by Rudolph Lothar.  With no prints of The Masked Dancer located in any film archives, The Masked Dancer is a lost film. A 30-second clip of the film showing a masked woman dancing still exists."
*(source: Wikipedia)


*"Azhar, an East Indian prince, and Robert Powell both become infatuated with a masked cabaret dancer, who is Betty Powell, trying to regain the love of her estranged husband--none other than Robert Powell. She allows Robert to court her, demanding that he elope with her, but he refuses to desert his wife. She unmasks and declares her intention of divorcing him. But they are reunited."

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



THE MASKED DANCER (1924) US 11x14 Lobby Card 01

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