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Vintage original 7.75 x 9.75 in. US single-weight glossy photograph from the teens silent serial, THE MILLION DOLLAR MYSTERY, released in 1914 by Mutual and directed by Howell Hansel.

The image depicts cast member Billy Sullivan (billed as “William L. Sullivan”) with Countess Olga Petroff (Marguerite Snow). It is in fine+ condition.

*“The Million Dollar Mystery is a 23-chapter film serial released in 1914, directed by Howell Hansel, and starring Florence La Badie and James Cruze. It is presumed lost.

Filmed in New Rochelle, New York, The Million Dollar Mystery was produced by Thanhouser Film Corporation and was that company's biggest success, largely due to the popularity of La Badie, who performed her own stunts. Publicity gimmicks, including a monetary prize to anyone who submitted the best idea for a conclusion to the serial, were used to boost the serial's success. The Million Dollar Mystery was the new serial project from the Chicago Tribune following the success of The Adventures of Kathlyn. The serial was released with the gimmick that the last chapter was unwritten. Twenty-two chapters were written based only on the title, while the serial was left purposefully unfinished with no final chapter.

THE MILLION DOLLAR MYSTERY (1914) 7.75 x 9.75 Silent Serial Photograph 01

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