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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US title lobby card from the 1920's WWI-themed silent film war drama/romance, THE NEW COMMANDMENT, released in 1926 by First National Pictures and directed by Howard Higgin.
The design features a close color-tinted photographic image of American Red Cross nurse Renee Darcourt (Blanche Sweet) clutching the shoulders of American soldier Billy Morrow (Ben Lyon) which is complimented by artwork at the left depicting a battle scene near a trench. It is unrestored in near-fine condition.
*"The New Commandment is a 1925 American silent drama film directed by Howard Higgin and written by Sada Cowan and Howard Higgin. It is based on the 1925 novel Invisible Wounds by Frederick Palmer. The film stars Blanche Sweet, Ben Lyon, Holbrook Blinn, Clare Eames, Effie Shannon, and Dorothy Cumming. The film was released on November 1, 1925, by First National Pictures. With no prints of The New Commandment located in any film archives, it is a lost film.


Having set out on a cruise with his father for Europe, Billy Morrow discovers the true purpose of that trip which, organized by Mrs. Parr, an intriguing high society lady who has buried three husbands, now plans to marry him to the his stepdaughter. Off the French coast, Billy decides to leave the ship and heads ashore with Red, a former taxi driver who has become his friend. In Paris, the two meet the artist Gaston Picard. Although he is engaged to Countess Stoll, he is in love with his American model Renée Darcourt. Billy also falls in love with her, but he can't convince himself of Renée's honesty, either because of her profession or because he suspects that she is having an affair with Picard. When war breaks out, Billy enlisted, joining the Foreign Legion. During a fight, he is injured. Taken to a hospital, he finds Renée there, who works there as a nurse. Doubts and jealousies vanish: lovers, finding themselves, forget all suspicions, happily reunited."

*(source: Wikipedia)



THE NEW COMMANDMENT (1926) US Title Lobby Card

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