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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the teens WWI-themed anti-German propaganda silent film war drama, THE ROAD THROUGH THE DARK, released in 1918 by Select Pictures and directed by Edmund Mortimer.
The image features a close interior shot of Gabrielle Jardee (Clara Kimball Young) holding a letter that Duke Karl (Jack Holt) is pointing at while looking at her questioningly. It is unrestored in fine+ condition.


*'The Road Through the Dark is a 1918 American silent war drama film directed by Edmund Mortimer and starring Clara Kimball Young, Jack Holt and Elinor Fair.[1] It was made as an anti-German propaganda piece during World War I."

*(source: Wikipedia)


*"The Road Through the Dark was Clara Kimball Young's company's first film of Select Pictures' Second Star Series of productions, after she used it as a replacement for Cheating Cheaters (1919), which turned out to be her second film in the series, as noted in the 7 September 1918 Motion Picture News. According to the 19 October 1918 issues of Motion Picture News and Moving Picture World, the cast of The Road Through the Dark was two weeks into shooting at the Sunset Studio at 4516 Sunset Boulevard in east Hollywood, CA, which Young had leased for several upcoming Select productions. Sunset Studio was formerly D. W. Griffith's Artcraft Studio. The 16 November 1918 Exhibitors Herald and Motography announced that filming had ended "and the print is on its way to New York, where it will be cut and titled and made ready for distribution as a November attraction."


Staff writer A. H. Giebler wrote in the 26 October 1918 Moving Picture World about visiting the Sunset Studio for a night shoot of "a scene in a cafe with wonderful atmosphere and a stringed orchestra that kept everybody on their toes." Apparently it was a scene in the French village, during which the German officer (Jack Holt) first encountered Clara Kimball Young's character, "Gabrielle." The following night, Giebler accompanied Young and her entourage to downtown Los Angeles' Central Park at Fifth and Hill streets (now Pershing Square) to address an ongoing war bonds rally; Mary Pickford had been there the day before."
(*source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)


The cast includes Clara Kimball Young, Jack Holt, Henry Woodward, Elinor Fair, Bobby Connelly, John Stepling, Lillian Leighton, Edward Kimball, Elmo Lincoln, and Eugenie Besserer.



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