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Vintage original "Photoplay Edition" hardback book with dust jacket from the teens Alaskan Gold Rush-themed silent film western drama, THE SPOILERS, releassed in 1914 by the Selig Polyscope Co. and directed by Colin Campbell.


Published by the A. L. Burt, Company (New York), the front cover notes that this book is "Extra Illustrated," as it contains 7 full pages with black-and-white scenes from the film and of the various characters. It consists of 314 pages and is in overall fine- condition with a complete dust jacket.


*"The Spoilers is a 1914 American silent Western film directed by Colin Campbell. The film is set in Nome, Alaska during the 1898 Gold Rush, with William Farnum as Roy Glennister, Kathlyn Williams as Cherry Malotte, and Tom Santschi as Alex McNamara. The film culminates in a spectacular saloon fistfight between Glennister and McNamara. In 1916, an expanded version was released, running 110 minutes.The film was adapted to screen by Lanier Bartlett from the Rex Beach novel of the same name. The film was remade in 1923 (with Noah Beery as McNamara), 1930 (with Gary Cooper as Glennister and Betty Compsonas Malotte), 1942 (with John Wayne as Glennister, Randolph Scott as McNamara, and Marlene Dietrich as Malotte), and 1955 (with Jeff Chandler as Glennister, Rory Calhoun as McNamara, and Anne Baxter as Malotte).[2] All of the films feature a lengthy, intense fight sequence."



THE SPOILERS (1914) US Photoplay Edition Book

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