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Vintage original 5 x 7 in. US photo-illustrated booklet from the 1920's action/adventure silent film, THE THREE MUSKETEERS, released in 1921 by United Artists and directed by Fred Niblo.
The front cover features a tipped-in illustration of Douglas Fairbanks as "D'Agtagnan" and notes that the film was "...interpreted for the screen by Douglas Fairbanks and Edward Knoblock." The interior 40 pages feature beautiful black-and-white photographs from the film along with a credits list and full plot synopsis. It is in very fine condition.


*"[Douglas Fairbanks inRobin Hood is a 1922 silent adventure film starring Douglas Fairbanks and Wallace Beery. It was the first motion picture ever to have a Hollywood premiere, held at Grauman's Egyptian Theatre on October 18, 1922. The movie's full title, under which it was copyrighted, is Douglas Fairbanks in Robin Hood. It was one of the most expensive films of the 1920s, with a budget estimated at about one million dollars. The film was a smash hit and generally received favorable reviews.


A huge castle set and an entire 12th-century village of Nottingham were constructed at the Pickford-Fairbanks Studio in Hollywood. Some sets were designed by architect Lloyd Wright. Director Allan Dwan later recalled that Fairbanks was so overwhelmed by the scale of the sets that he considered cancelling production at one point. The castle was largely built of wood, wire, and plaster. The exceptions were the concrete floor and the (wood-covered) steel drawbridge.


The story was adapted for the screen by Fairbanks (as "Elton Thomas"), Kenneth Davenport, Edward Knoblock, Allan Dwan, and Lotta Woods, and was produced by Fairbanks for his own production company, Douglas Fairbanks Pictures Corporation, and distributed by United Artists, a company owned by Fairbanks, his wife Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, and D. W. Griffith. This swashbuckling adventure was based on the legendary tale of the medieval hero, Robin Hood, and was the first production to present many of the elements of the legend that became familiar to movie audiences in later versions, although an earlier treatment had been filmed a decade before in the woods around Fort Lee, New Jersey, featuring even more flamboyant costumes than the Fairbanks version."

*(source: Wikipedia)



THE THREE MUSKETEERS (1921) US Photo-Illustrated Booklet 01

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