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Vintage original 5.5 x 7 in. US pressbook from the teens WWI-themed silent film drama, THE UNBELIEVER, released in 1918 by George Kleine System and directed by Alan Crosland.


Consisting of 14 pages with a performation along the top, page 13 has come loose and has some paper loss. We are unable to determine if any pages are missing. It is in fine+ condition. 


Also included is the corresponding 5.75 x 8.75 in. pamphlet entitled An Open Letter to Executives of Production and Distribution in the Film Industry and Recommendations to the Priorities Committee of the War Industries Board to Conserve Men and Material. Written by distributor George Kleine and consisting of 8 interior pages between a light blue wrapper, it is in very fine condition.


*"The Unbeliever is a 1918 American silent propaganda film made towards the end of World War I. It was directed by Alan Crosland for the Edison Company towards its last days as a functioning film-making company. It stars Raymond McKee and Marguerite Courtot, who married a few years later, and Erich von Stroheim."

*(source: Wikipedia)


*"The picture was produced with the co-operation of the United States Marine Corp. Battle scenes were filmed at the U.S. M.C. Cantonment at Quantico, VA. Modern sources include Lew Hart and Moss Gill in the cast. Erich von Stroheim was called Karl von Stroheim in most reviews and publicity. The men of the third Battalion, Sixth Regiment, United States Marine Corps also appeared in the film. According to the Library of Congress American Silent Feature Film Survival Database, this film is extant.


Distressed by her son Philip's class and racial prejudice, as well as his disbelief in God, wealthy New Yorker Margaret Landicutt encourages him to enlist in the United States Marine Corps during World War I. In the trenches, Philip witnesses such heroism and suffering that his viewpoint begins to change. Across the lines in Belgium, the German forces, led by the brutal Lieut. Kurt von Schnieditz, execute Madam Harbrok and her little son, believing them guilty of aiding the enemy, but because of Virginie Harbrok's beauty, the lieutenant spares the young woman. Philip rescues Virginie and, learning that she has lost her family, sends her to live with his mother in America. Shortly afterwards, "Lefty," Philip's old chauffeur and close friend on the battlefield, sacrifices his life for Philip, whereupon the young man's notions of class and racial distinctions are forever dismissed. Philip is seriously injured in the battle, and as he lies on the field, he sees Jesus walking among the wounded and abandons atheism. Upon his return home, Philip, a new man, is united with Virginie."

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)



THE UNBELIEVER (1918) US Pressbook With Open Letter Pamphlet By George Kleine

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