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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the 1920's millionaires and divorce-themed silent film comedy/drama, THE WHISPERED NAME, released in 1924 by Universal Pictures and directed by King Baggot.
The image features a dramatic scene and depicts Anne Gray (Ruth Clifford) standing on the running board of a vintage taxi cab as she tries to push Craig Stephenson (John Merkel) away from her and the car while the cab driver watches the altercation. It is unrestored in very fine- condition.

*"The working titles of this film were Blackmail and The Co-respondent. Some sources credit Raymond L. Schrock with scenario. According to company records, Lois Zellner should have been credited instead.

Based upon the play by Alice Leal Pollock and Rita Weiman, Anne Gray (Ruth Clifford) is saved from a fake marriage to scapegrace Robert Gordon (W.E. Lawrence) by the arrival of millionaire Lagdon Van Kreel (Charles Clary). Later, as a reporter sent to cover a sensational society divorce, she finds that Van Kreel's wife intends to sue him, naming her (Anne) as corespondent. John Manning (Niles Welch), managing editor of the paper, saves Anne and silences the wife."

*(source: AFI Catalog of Feature Films)


The cast includes Mary Mersch, John Merkel, Hayden Stevenson, and Buddy Messinger.



THE WHISPERED NAME (1924) US Lobby Card 01

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