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Vintage original 11 x 14 in. US lobby card from the classic 1920's silent film society-themed drama, THREE WOMEN, released in 1924 by Warner Bros. and directed by Ernst Lubitsch.
The image features an interior medium shot of heiress Jeannie Wilton (May McAvoy), happily seated atop the lap of her new husband, Edmund Lamont (Lew Cody), who is deeply in debt and married her for her money, while he calmly cleans his fingernails. The caption at the bottom reads: "Having won the heiress Lamont begins to scheme anew." It is unrestored in good condition only.


*"The film was also known as Die Frau, die Freundin und die Dirne. Based upon the novel, "Lillis Eheby," by Yolande Maree, beseiged by creditors, Edmund Lamont (Lew Cody) presses an affair with wealthy widow Mabel Wilton (Pauline Frederick), but transfers his affections to her daughter, Jeanne (May McAvoy). After marrying Jeanne, Lamont continues an affair with Harriet (Marie Prevost), a flapper. Meanwhile, Jeanne is in love with young doctor Fred Armstrong (Pierre Gendron), and when Lamont refuses her a divorce, her mother kills him and is acquitted, leaving Jeanne free to seek happiness with Fred."

*(source: Wikipedia)

*"According to Warner Bros.' records, the film earned $344,000 domestically and $94,000 foreign, making it the studio's most popular film of the 1924-25 season. According to the July 12, 1924 Moving Picture World, Three Women marked filmmaker Ernst Lubitsch’s second project for Warner Bros. after The Marriage Circle (1924). An indoor “society carnival” set was built on the studio’s newest soundstage. The June 21, 1924 Moving Picture World reported that filming would be completed by June 30, 1924. The June 28, 1924 Exhibitors Trade Reviewstated that actress Pauline Frederick shot her scenes during the day while simultaneously appearing in evening theater performances with the Morosco Stock Company."

*(source: AFI Catalog Feature Films)



THREE WOMEN (1924) US Lobby Card 02

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