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Vintage original 5-3/8 x 3-3/8 (14 x 9 cm.) real photo postcard depicting the UNIQUE THEATER c.1905.


The image depicts two men standing in front of a covered entrance to this very early nickelodeon theater at the dawn of the silent film era when projected films took the place of Mutoscopes (small machines where one person would view a one-minute film by peering through a lens at the top). This nickelodeon featured illustrated songs as well as moving pictures, which was the custom at this early point in American film history. The displays on either side of the entrance consist primarily of handmade signs instead of the professionally printed movie posters in a standardized format, which came into existence around 1907. Therefore, this extremely scare photo dates from the early 1900's.


The real photo postcard itself is in very fine condition and is mounted inside a bright white mat with clear photo hinges on each corner. The mat itself is also in very fine condition.



UNIQUE THEATRE (c.1905) Early Nickelodeon Real Photo Postcard

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