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Vintage original 8 x 10 in. US single-weight glossy photograph from the 1920s silent film comedy/drama, WEST OF THE WATER TOWER, released in 1923 by Paramount Pictures and directed by Rollin S. Sturgeon.


The image depicts broken plates on the floor of rural kitchen as Dessie Arnhalt (Zasu Pitts) clenches her fist in anger towards Guy Plummer (Glenn Hunter). It is in good condition only with a large diagonal crease on the left corner that affects the entire image.


*"West of the Water Tower is a 1923 American silent comedy drama film produced by Famous Players–Laskyand distributed by Paramount Pictures. It was directed by Rollin S. Sturgeon and is based on the novel of the same name by Homer Croy. Glenn Hunter and May McAvoy are the stars of this film.


With no copies of West of the Water Tower located in any film archives, it is a lost film.


As described in a film magazine review, Guy Plummer, the son of the small town's orthodox, narrow minded clergyman, becomes involved in a love affair with Bee Chew, the daughter of a wealthy atheist. They wed in secret through the aid of Cod Dugan, a poolroom operator. When Bee is about to become a mother, the two are unable to provide proof of the marriage. She goes away and later returns with the baby. Guy tells his father, who then admits that he, too, similarly sinned in his youth and decides to give up his pulpit. In the end, Guy wins back the favorable opinion of his neighbors, the existence of the marriage is proven, and the young couple find happiness."

*(source: Wikipedia)



WEST OF THE WATER TOWER (1923) US 8x10 Photograph 01

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