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Beginnings of the Biograph is the story of the  technical, commercial and theatrical beginnigs of the company whcih furnished the milieu for D.W. Griffith and the coterie which gave shape and direction to the art of the American film. It presents a vast number of new facts and supports them from original sources. It is thus another milestone in motion picture history.


Beginnings of the Biograph presents for the first time the fascinating facts surrounding the invention of the Biograph cameraa and projector--and that hardy card-flipping pioneer, the Mutoscope. It describes for the first time the taking of the Biograph's first movies, and their screen debut in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It describes the trip to Canton, Ohio where the Biograph camera took the first motion pictures ever made of a President of the United States. It describes the terrifying movie of the sixty-mile-an-hour Empire State Express. It describes the Broadway roof-stage production of the vaudeville acts that were the stage sensations of the Gay Nineties.


Beginnings of the Biograph gives the reader his first documented look into the earliest fountainhead of American motion picture art.


This copy is in overall very good condition with a fair- dust wrapper that has separated at the spine with areas of paper loss.



BEGINNINGS OF THE BIOGRAPH (1964) US Hardcover Edition

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