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Vintage original 3.25 x 4 in. US "coming attraction" glass slide from the 1920's chewing gum-themed silent film society drama, BLUE BLOOD, released in 1925 by Chadwick Pictures Corporation and directed by Scott R. Dunlap.


The image features an exterior close shot aviator Robert Chester (George Walsh) and Geraldine Hicks (Cecille Evans) in the cockpit of a vintage biplane. It is in fine+ condition.


*"Blue Blood is an extant 1925 American silent comedy/drama film produced and distributed by Chadwick Pictures and starring George Walsh. Scott R. Dunlap directed. As described in a film magazine review, Leander Hicks wants his daughter Geraldine to marry Percy Horton, supposedly a malted milk millionaire. She refuses. At a resort Gerry falls in love with scientist Bob Chester. Then it is revealed that Horton is actually a rum-runner. His men grab Bob, mistaking him for a revenue officer, but he is able to escape. Hounded by detectives, Horton makes a getaway using a yacht with Gerry and her father onboard. Bob boards the vessel, whips Horton, and fights the crew. The police arrive in time to catch and break up the gang. The two lovers are reunited."

*(source: Wikipedia)



BLUE BLOOD (1925) US Glass Slide

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